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The purpose of this forum is to post a topic of discussion so everyone can broaden their understandings of different people’s perspectives and gain a better insight into important subjects.
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:11 pm

The rules for this forum are very simple. I will try to make them as simple as possible.

Members’ Conduct:

1.) Politeness and courtesy.

In talking about specific issues, especially religion and sexuality, please be as courteous as possible. If you think that the majority do not understand your views, be as specific as possible to gain understanding from everyone. If there is still disagreement, remember that everyone has their own view on these important subjects. Remember, even though we're adults, try to be a good model of behavior for the other members, especially if they're new.

2.) Give everyone a chance to reply.

If you have your say, allow others to join in. That means, if I post something and go to bed, I do not want to wake up and find that there are a thousand replies by two or three people. Please, be engaged and interested, but allow others to give their opinions without having to read a novel (and possibly discourage others in speaking when they find that their opinion has already been stated hours beforehand).

3.) Please, for the love of God, do not go overboard in “!!!!!”’s, caps, and emoticons.


…Like that. Please keep it manageable, lol. I was on a website where everyone posted a thousand caps and it gets really annoying really quick, believe me.

That's pretty much it. Remember, the purpose of this website is to help others gain a better understanding of important issues, along with ourselves, so understanding is a requirement. The technical forum one will just make everything nicer and easier to read.

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General Rules
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